Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 21

A bold little American Pipit. It was just a few feet away from me.

A Cinnamon Teal, one of my favorite ducks.

I saw 39 species today, with one "new" species for the year: Red-winged Blackbirds. It's kind of funny that after I left the Bird Preserve last week I stopped at Wal-Mart on my way home and there were a dozen in the parking lot, but hey, I'm counting birds at the preserve, not at Wal-Mart.

A pair of Verdin were building this nest just outside of the visitors center. I'll have to check on their progress next week. It was kind of fun to watch them. They'd fly off and then come back with nest materials, and then spend quite a while weaving things in and arranging them just so. And then they'd fly off again and fly back with more materials a few minutes later. I was surprised at how much progress they had made between the time I came and when I left. I am sure I could not make anything using just my mouth.

I also saw this Black-tailed Jack Rabbit come get a drink from pond 9.

Here's a picture of him racing away after he noticed me watching him. I liked it because you can see his black tail and ear tips.

Here's a picture of a Desert Cottontail for comparison with the jack rabbit. He was getting a drink on Pond 3. When he noticed me watching him, he froze and tried to become invisible.

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Alan C Williams said...

Tiffany I have to tell you that your pictures a quite a bit past pedestrian. I think your doing a pretty good job.

I am excited to check out the Verdin nest the next time I head down, that sounds pretty neat!