Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 14

I saw 35 species total and three "new" species Saturday: a Yellow-headed Blackbird on Pond 9, several groups of Savannah Sparrows, and a very scruffy juvenile Barn Swallow on the wires above the visitor's center. It was a beautiful sunny day and spring was in the air. All around the preserve you can see nest building and birds trying to attract a mate or pairing off.

This is the scruffiest looking Barn Swallow that I've ever seen. But I was excited to see it, because it was my first of the year. From the length of the tail, I'd say it is a juvenile.

A Tree Swallow. Kind of funny that it is sitting on wire and not in a tree.

This American Coot was precariously perched in a tree about 10 feet above the water. I watched it for a few moments hoping that, coots being coots, it might fall into the pond. No luck there.

The male Cinnamon Teals are absolutely brilliant. I caught this guy mid-splash.

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