Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 18

Black-crowned Night Heron on Pond 4.

It was not a good day for birds. Well, I suppose that the birds had a good day, because it was sunny and about 80 degrees. But the only new bird I saw was a Brown-headed Cowbird (I know, I know -- scourge of the songbirds) and the bird I missed was a Eurasian Collared Dove (I know, I know -- it's introduced). But I had a fun day anyway. I saw the largest group of Black-Crowned Night Herons that I've seen so far this year. There were about a dozen of them that came in to roost in the tamarisk on Pond 4.

A Queen butterfly on quail brush.

It's a good thing my friend Lupe was around Saturday. She's actually the one who found the cowbird, and then she identified this butterfly for me (a Queen butterfly) and then she found this cool snake. If she hadn't been there, you'd be looking at pictures of coots!

Red Racer in front of the visitors' center.

I'm not a snake girl, but I believe this is a young red racer (Western Coachwhip). If you know differently leave me a comment. Actually, if anyone besides my mom is reading this, leave me a comment! Happy birding -- even on the days you end up looking at butterflies and snakes!


desert dweller said...

Following the blog Tiffany. I started one about the upcoming Arkansas trip on blogspot called ozarkmountainriver. see if you can find it and follow along.


Alison said...

Nice picture! Chris wants to know how thick the snake was...

Tiffany said...

I'd say about 2 inches in diameter. I think he was between 3 and 4 feet long.